Nintendo's First Super Mario-themed Park to Open in Japan in 2021 after Covid-19 Delay

Nintendo's Super Mario | Image credit: Reuters

Nintendo's Super Mario | Image credit: Reuters

The first theme park by Nintendo will open up in Osaka in Spring 2021 after being delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Classic video game Super Mario fans have something to look forward to amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The creators of the video game Nintendo will be launching Super Nintendo World in 2021, which is the Super Mario themed amusement park in Universal Studios Japan.

The first theme park by Nintendo will open up in Osaka in Spring 2021. The project was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The park was originally planned to open before the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo which also had to be cancelled due to the virus. Now it seems that the park will indeed open up before the Tokyo Olympics.

The park will also have some interesting Mario souvenir shops and restaurants, which will serve colourful Mario themed food items.

Mario Kart attraction and Yoshi's Adventure attraction will be some of the main rides in the park. According to Mashable, both the attractions will be interactive where users will get to control things. Mario Kart rides might become a simulator in which visitors will get Augmented Reality glasses, while the Yoshi ride will get a system with moving carts. As the park opens more attractions from other franchises of Nintendo will also be added. As Mashable reports, there are plans for an attraction in which visitors will sit in the famous Donkey Kong Country mine cart.

Besides all the attractions, every visitor in the theme area will get their own smart wristbands. At Nintendo’s press event, in January this year, it was revealed that the new elements of Super Nintendo World will include the smart wristbands. The bands will be paired with a mobile app and will let visitors take part in a coin-collecting metagame. It will also track digital activities of the visitors while you walk around

Universal Studios and Nintendo are also working to open similar amusement areas at the Orlando, Hollywood, and Singapore parks in the future.

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