No More Tears: Denver Man Has Devised an Easy-peasy Way to Peel Onions Without Sobbing

Screenshot of the video shared on Instagram.

Screenshot of the video shared on Instagram.

The tearless onion peeling video was first uploaded on TikTok and then on Instagram.

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We all at some point of life wanted to respect the inner master chefs by stepping in the kitchen and cooking something delicious. Without a doubt, cooking is therapeutic and can easily lift your mood. But what comes before it can absolutely ruin anyone’s mood, the onion tears.

However, it is also the most difficult part. Peeling and chopping requires efforts, which ain’t easy. While you might reduce your workload by simply buying a chopper to cut onion in tiny pieces, there seems to be no shortcut in life to peel an onion, until now.

A man from Denver named James Rembo seems to have figured out the “best way to peel an onion.” Sharing a video on Instagram, Rembo shared his one-hand tip to do the work. “Apparently people enjoy how I can peel an onion,” he captioned it.

In the video, first shared on TikTok, the man can be seen punching a half-cut onion in between, splitting into two halves and lifting the outer cover of it.

As the caption read, netizens loved this quick, no-tear formula for peeling an onion. In fact, someone did not shy away in calling it a “life-changing trick.” Well, it seems like this trick works well for people, helping them in making the kitchen work easier and more efficient.

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