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No One Wanted to Sit Next to a 'Messy' Old Lady in Mumbai Local. She Turned Out to Be a Star.

By: Parth Sharma


Last Updated: July 28, 2018, 09:47 IST

Photo for representation. (Image: PTI)

Photo for representation. (Image: PTI)

In our fast-paced millennial lives, we often forget about being compassionate. Here's a golden story that's going to warm all the cold hearts.

Living in the maddening monotony of the sterile concrete metropolitan cities, we think our lives often revolve around us and our first-world problems. Today, our ‘charity’ is limited to leaving a 20% tip on the restaurant bill. We may be humans, but in the chaos of the millennial routine we may have forgotten how it is to be kind, compassionate, and human.

On Wednesday, a woman who goes by the Twitter handle @EmpoweringGoa, was travelling from Churchgate local to Virar, when she met a frail old lady in tattered clothes and an overflowing bag full of clothes.

When she asked the other women to shift a little so as to make space for the old lady, they didn't move. Later, the old lady found space next to this woman because no one wanted to sit next to her.

In a Twitter thread, she narrated the entire incident inside a Mumbai local.

The old lady told the woman that she did not feel bad about the hurtful comments that came from other people because “their comments are limited only to this journey of one hour. Their perception cannot make any difference to my journey of 65 years and to the rest of it.”

The old lady further revealed that she had in fact been a state-level hockey player and a part-time model in her young days. She had also worked in the French Embassy of India as a certified bilingual.

The young woman, who later revealed the old lady’s name to be Ivy, even took a selfie with her before deboarding the train.

Today we lead busy lives - lives that revolve around posting cautiously edited selfies on Instagram and being excited for the Zara clearance sale. But not all of us are privileged and neither does everyone want to adopt to the first-world millennial lifestyle. But what all of us really need a heavy dose of compassion and an immediate attitude makeover.

Be human first, new-age millennial later.

Check out the tweets of the heart-warming story below:

first published:July 27, 2018, 07:02 IST
last updated:July 28, 2018, 09:47 IST