Noida's 'Effluent Industrialist' Wanting a Fair Bride in Matrimonial Ad Gets Roasted on Twitter

Noida's 'Effluent Industrialist' Wanting a Fair Bride in Matrimonial Ad Gets Roasted on Twitter

The man was apparently referring to his wealth and meant that he is affluent, but ended up writing effluent.


Buzz Staff

Matrimonial pages in Indian newspapers are a treasure trove of hilarious content and often give us a glimpse of how caste, physical appearance, compliance with conservative social norms and other similar factors rule the roost in Indian marriages.

In one such case, a man from Noida is looking for a "fair" girl to marry and he calls himself an "effluent industrialist" from Noida. We believe he meant affluent, which means rich, but that 'E' just ruined the situation for him. The Internet is roasting this industrialist who wanted to be affluent but ended up being effluent, meaning sewage water released into water bodies.

People have all sorts of responses for this man.

For some strange reasons, matrimonial ads keep setting new records each day. Lockdown or no lovkdown, one thing, among few others, that remained constant was the marriages and society's demands of a "sanskari bahu". In one such instance, a man from Bengal was looking for a woman to marry who would be tall, slim, fair and other conventional things. And to top it all he wanted someone who wouldn't be addicted to social media. These days, who sin't addicted to social media! The Internet wished him luck to find his lady of dreams.

Another ad for a certain Dr. Abhinao Kumar, BDS wanted a bride who among many other things needed to be patriotic. While he has a long list of characteristics ready for his wife-to-be, he is himself unemployed. But that didn't stop him from looking for a wife who is an "Indian Hindu Brahmin girl working from Jharkhand or Bihar." That's not all. Apart from the usual demands of a fair and beautiful bride, the woman in question also has to be an expert in raising a child.

She also needs to be a patriotic individual and help in improving India's 'military capabilities'. But this wouldn't be the first matrimonial ad to make such ludicrous demands and it certainly wouldn't be the last. Every time you open the matrimonial section of a newspaper, you'll be greeted with such misogynistic and classist ads with absurd requirements.

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