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Not PUBG, SUB-G: Dilijit Dosanjh's Response to a Fan is Answer to 'Rasode Mein Kaun Tha'

Image Credits: Instagram/Twitter.

Image Credits: Instagram/Twitter.

Alexa, play GOAT by Diljit Dosanjh.

‘Do you know’ may have been Diljit Dosanjh’s top question in 2016, but he may finally have answers now.

As the Indian government announced that it banned 118 mostly-Chinese mobile applications, the popular online multiplayer game PUBG, became the talk of the internet as Indian gamers were upset at losing their favorite mobile game.

The instant reaction of Indian audiences to the ban was expressed through memes imagining the parents’ reaction to the news. But once the dust settled, the OG gamers marched to google to know if PUBG was actually Chinese.

Reacting to the news, Dosanjh posted a meme of PUBG being banned, with a picture of him and Akshay Kumar from ‘Good Newz.’

A fan of the singer, replied, asking if Dosanjh too, played the popular game.

To this, Dosanjh replied he didn’t play PUBG, only ‘SUB-G’ cracking a joke on his recent endeavors in the kitchen. (SUB-G is a stylized way of writing sabzi, which means vegetables in Hindi.)

We can actually back that Rasode mein Rashi nehi, Diljit tha. In fact, during his recent Insta-live, we see him in the kitchen trying to cook when it turns into Alexa vs Diljit.

His cooking had also picked up in lockdown months, when he amused the Internet with his ability to make great food. Sometimes very “literally."

He had even received a compliment from Sanjeev Kapoor!

We understand why SUB-G would be his favourite, not PUBG: The singer-actor is now a chef in the making!