Obama Putting on a Mask After Fiery Eulogy Has Reminded Everyone What 'Real Leader' Looks Like

Images tweeted by @Hoopgreen.

Images tweeted by @Hoopgreen.

As Obama received a standing ovation from those in attendance following a fiery eulogy for US Rep John Lewis, it was perhaps the former president reaching for his pocket and putting on a facemask that was cheered more on Twitter.

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  • Last Updated: July 31, 2020, 9:22 AM IST
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Citizens of Earth have been living in the pandemic times for the past few months where wearing a face mask, sanitising your hands, and maintaining distance from one another is still considered the most effective way to break the chain of deadly coronavirus.

Yet when Barack Obama slipped on a mask, the Internet came forward to cheer the former US President. Why? Because the current chief Donald Trump has shown quite a hesitation in donning one until very recently when he realised there was no escape from the virus.

On Thursday, Obama delivered a fiery eulogy for longtime U.S. Representative John Lewis, where he took a series of thinly veiled shots at the actions of his successor that he said tore at the legacy of the Black civil rights icon being laid to rest.

The funeral for Lewis, who played an instrumental role in passing the Voting Rights Act of 1965, came on the same day Republican President Donald Trump suggested the Nov. 3 election could be delayed. Trump has also waged a war against mail-in ballots, a tactic critics say is aimed at suppressing votes.

As he received a standing ovation from those in attendance, it was perhaps Obama reaching for his pocket and swiftly putting on a mask that was cheered more on Twitter.

"Obama putting on his mask like a normal, responsible person, right after eulogizing John Lewis, is a reminder of how much energy and time has been lost covering politicians who simply refused to wear one for no reason that benefits the public," wrote one Twitter user.

Earlier, in a contrasting incident, Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro who had earlier been criticised for downplaying the virus by calling it a "little flu", told journalists in person that he had indeed contracted the infection and backed a few steps before removing his mask and saying, "Just look at my face: I’m fine".

At a time when wearing a face mask and washing hands are a handful of preventive measures to break the chain of the deadly virus, Twitterati showed concerns at the apparent recklessness of the Brazillian President.

Meanwhile, you can catch Obama eulogising Rep John Lewis here.

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