Oh, Buoy! Two French Men Pose as Nautical Equipment to Flout Lockdown Norms and Swim in Sea

Boys will be buoys in France | Image credit: Facebook

Boys will be buoys in France | Image credit: Facebook

While one of the 'buoys' managed to escape, authorities caught and fined one of them with 135 euros or 11,000 INR approximately.

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  • Last Updated: May 13, 2020, 2:10 PM IST
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Two French men in their 50s decided to turn into buoys for a day and take a dip in the Mediterranean sea amid coronavirus lockdown in France.

In breach of lockdown rules, the two men hatched an ingenious plan to evade authorities. They dressed up as buoys and slipped into the sea at Almanarre Beach in Hyères.

Much to their dismay, however, the creative duo were spotted by French authorities who managed to catch and even fine one of them, Daily Mail reported. Pierrot was charged 135 euros (11,000 INR approximately) for his 'buoying' around, even as his partner in crime managed to escape.

In a video that was first shared on Facebook and is now going viral on the internet, the two can be seen making merry on the beach and rolling around in the sand while their heads were covered with white buoy-shaped headgear.

While the duo were slammed for breaking lockdown regulations, their sheer gall seemed to earn the begrudging respect of many on social media.

Pierrot was quoted by In a Huffington Post in France as saying that the duo had been trying to make a funny video. And that if the video made people laugh, it was worth paying the fine.

The video comes after the mayor of Hyères Jean-Pierre Giran said he would request the reopening of beaches, given social distancing norms were maintained.

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