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'Oi Trump': UK Teen Carves Giant Penis in Lawn to Mock Donald Trump Ahead of State Visit

'Oi Trump': UK Teen Carves Giant Penis in Lawn to Mock Donald Trump Ahead of State Visit

18-year-old Ollie Nancarrow spent his weekend carving the penis on his lawn along with the words 'Oi Trump' , 'climate change is real' along with a polar bear.

As US President Donald Trump arrived in UK for his state visit on Monday, he was met with a giant penis, artistically ploughed into a grass field near the Stansted Airport in Essex.

A teenager by the name of Ollie Nancarrow spent his weekend in the run up the visit, crafting the message forthe US President on his family lawn, the Independent reported. The 18-year-old said that the penis was meant to draw Trump and the world media's attention to climate change, the existence of which Trump famously denied.

Nencarrow is the founder of Born Eco, a start-up that provides eco-friendly life solutions for everyday objects, also etched the words "Oi Trump" and "Climate change is real" on his lawn, along with a full blown outline of a polar bear to drive (or in this case, fly) his point home. He hoped that the President would get to see the lawn, which is close to the airport Trump was landing in.

The images of the lawn were shared on Born Eco's Twitter handle before the three-day visit and have garnered thunderous applause from netizens.

This is not the only protest waiting for Trump before his UK state visit.

The giant, diaper clad "Trump Baby" blimp that has over the past years become synonymous with anti-Trump protests in UK and elsewhere, was flown during protests in London on Tuesday. A robotic Trump statue sitting on a toilet seat and tweeting was also carried around London as part of the protest.

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