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Ola Takes Off With Electric Flying Car, You Can Now Pool Ride With Birds

Ola Air Pro. 
(Credit: Twitter)

Ola Air Pro. (Credit: Twitter)

Ola released a teaser on this April Fool Day announcing that they are introducing flying cars! Are they to be believed?

On April 1, you’re not to fall for anything that people try to feed you. It seems on this April Fool day tech companies have taken the onus of pranking us well and Indians falling for it too! The latest to join the online trend of playing Fool’s day is tech giant Ola cabs. In a teaser, the company introduced Ola Air Pro. As the name suggests the service is about Ola choppers that will drop people to their destinations and has a door-to-door service. The website of Ola Air Pro states that one doesn’t even need a license to fly the car. So, “chill”.

The video features higher authorities from Ola’s team including Ola CEO and co-founder Bhavish Aggarwal. The idea for Ola Air, as he says, is to take the journey ‘above the clouds, in fact above everything’.

“Introducing the world’s first, one and only Fully Autonomous Electric flying car,” says Bhavish.

In a sarcastic jibe at the rising fuel prices in India, Ola’s electrical engineer says, “There’s one thing that goes higher than our car, it’s our fuel prices. That was the genesis of our PuraCell battery technology!” And now all that’s required is a one-time charge and then the car charges itself as it runs on its own. Quite impossible already?


Also, you might wonder why it took them six years to develop the car? Well, finding a parking spot in urban cities isn’t an easy task. Hence a network of “foldable landing pads”, very much like helipads, Ola Hives had to be created.

Well, this is what more the Ola Air Pro has to (not) offer! “Say hello to the world’s first-ever fully autonomous, electric flying car. An urban commuter so advanced, the very first version of it good enough to be called ‘Pro’. This is the Ola AirPro,” tweeted Ola.

Of course, the internet fell for it and seemed quite confused about whatever’s up with this. Ola, in fact, even advised Pizza Hut to have their deliveries faster now, to which Pizza Hut had a cheeky response.

And here’s what others had to say!

On another serious note, Ola has released images of their upcoming electric scooter in India. The company had recently commenced construction of the world’s largest two-wheeler mega-factory on its 500-acre site. The company announced a Rs 2400 crore MoU with the Tamil Nadu government in December 2020 and rapidly completed the land acquisition in January this year. The company is racing ahead to operationalise its factory in the next few months. An estimated more than 10 million man-hours have been planned to bring the factory up in record time, with the first phase becoming operational in the coming months.

first published:April 01, 2021, 16:23 IST