Old Cans of Dalda Ghee and Colgate Toothpowder Used in the 90s are Making Twitter Nostalgic

(Image credit: Twitter/ @tushar)

(Image credit: Twitter/ @tushar)

An image of old tins of Dalda Vanaspati ghee and Colgate tooth powder has sparked nostalgia among netizens.

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Old images of things, places and people often take us down the memory lane, reminiscing the good times. Be it the cola candies or Paan-Parag toffee, we all miss the days when life was much easier, and the worries were really less.

A Twitter user has taken everyone back into nostalgia with a recent post. The image, shared by Twitter user Tushar, shows a tin of Dalda Vanaspati ghee and Colgate tooth powder. Both these packaging were used in the ’90s and their parent company have updated the outer appearance ever since.

"How many of you have seen these?" he captioned the image.

The post has received an overwhelming response with 24 thousand likes. Netizens did not leave a chance to share their part of nostalgia.

Sharing an image of Monkey Brand Black Tooth Powder, a user mentioned, "I have even seen this."

They also shared old images of Cibaca toothpaste, the trump cards and the name stickers for notebooks.

One user also revealed the Dalda controversy, writing, "The infamous Dalda that fed beef tallow to millions of people in India. Yes I remember the whole scandal, including their office in CP."

A user also mentioned how the empty Dalda bottles were used to store kitchen items.

Here are the responses from other users:

There is no doubt about the fact that whenever someone will post an old pic on Twitter, the social media will be flooded with many more similar memories.

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