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Sucky Trend: This Viral Video of Leech Sucking Blood is Grossing Netizens Out

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons.

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons.

"This is a truly awful image. Thank you," said an user.

A video clip of a huge leech sucking blood from a person’s arm has resurfaced on the Internet and people have lost all calm. In the clip, a massive “pet leech” can be seen drawing blood under a flashlight.

As the light focuses on the person’s hands; multiple other holes can be seen, punctured by the parasite before.

The video has managed to gross out Netizens across several social media platforms, but this is not a new clip. The video was originally posted on YouTube in 2015.

However, recently, a Reddit user shared it again on the platform, following which it spread like wildfire.

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People have been left unsettled and rightly so. Here are some of the comments left by Reddit users.

One user wrote, “Oh god, imagine accidentally stepping on it and it just explodes and there’s unwashable blood on the carpet and walls”.

Another said sarcastically, “This is a truly awful image. Thank you.”

There was one user who wrote that the video made them “physically cringe”, while another pointed out that the flashlight in the dark room was making the entire thing “several times worse”.

Many wondered what could have been the reason for the person to have a leech as a pet.

One wrote that it looked a lot like “self-harm” and another said that the person should have instead opted to donate blood.