Olympic Champ Katie Ledecky Balancing a Glass of Milk While Swimming Leaves Social Media Baffled

Screenshot of the video.

Screenshot of the video.

She took up the stunt as part of #GotMilkChallenge on social media.

The dairy industry in the United States has brought along a known yet forgotten phrase back into trend during the recent coronavirus pandemic. The popular ‘Got Milk’ ad from the bygone era of 1990s and 2000s is now back in the market, this time reigning the social media.

While the earlier advertisements showed the popular TV and movie faces donning a milk moustache, the new campaign came with a slight difference. Apart from featuring no milk moustache this time, the new ad features TikTokers and social media influencers instead of the showbiz celebrities.

Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky recently joined the campaign by sharing a video of her. In the clip, Ledecky swims through the pool as she carries a glass of chocolate milk on her head.

“Possibly one of the best swims of my career! (~open for debate~) What can you do without spilling a drop?! Check out the #gotmilkchallenge on TikTok. #gotmilk #ad,” she shared.

The video spread like fire, claiming appreciation and praises from a wider social media audience. Apart from Twitter, the challenge has also made its way to TikTok.

Here’s a YouTube compilation of people’s funny contribution to the new #gotmilkchallenge to promote the ‘Got Milk’ advertisement.

The new campaign was initiated on Monday, August 3. According to Yin Woon Rani, the chief executive of the Milk Processor Education Program, the challenge is for the "social-first generation.”

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