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Own Goal? Man Caught on 'Kiss Cam' During Football Match Admits He Was Cheating on His Girlfriend

Screenshot from a video tweeted by @RGonzalezCBS.

Screenshot from a video tweeted by @RGonzalezCBS.

A football fan found himself in a spot while attending a Barcelona SC-Delfin match in Ecuador when he was 'caught' kissing a woman on 'Kiss Cam' during the break.

  • Last Updated: January 22, 2020, 10:21 AM IST
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Be it a game of football, NBA or baseball, "Kiss Cam" is the perfect opportunity for the couples in attendance to indulge in some public display of affection.

For the unversed, a "Kiss Cam" is usually a fun activity that takes places during breaks in sports arenas and stadiums wherein the cameraman pans to those in attendance, "appearing" to be in love or are assumedly a couple.

Remember when the former American president Barack Obama shared a kiss cam moment with Michelle Obama?

While it's all fun and games for partners, things can get really, really awkward at times. What if you are seated beside your sibling? A parent? A complete stranger? Or a friend you had only tagged along with for a match?

Recently, a football fan found himself in that awkward spot while attending a Barcelona SC-Delfin match in Ecuador. The man was captured on the big screen, unsuspectedly kissing a female accomplice only to realise the duo had become a part of the "kiss cam" game during the break.

The demeanour of the two changed instantly as and when they realised they were "caught" in their act.

Twitter jumped the gun and assumed that the man's changed body language was a sign that he was cheating on his "real" girlfriend.

Proving them right, the man, identified as Deyvi Andrade, took to Facebook and admitted to cheating on his partner, reported Metro.

In a Spanish post translated by the daily, Deyvi wrote, "If it was a woman was in my place what would you do? Various videos have been circulating of unfaithful women but they haven't been made fun of as much as me. I'm going to defend my honour and my pride as a man until the end."

Deyvi then goes on to apologise to his partner saying that he was "really sorry" and that he had no option but to come out to comment on the "nonsense" to ask for her forgiveness.

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