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Pakistan Fans Root For India in World Cup Clash Against England and Desis Can't Keep Calm

Pakistan Fans Root For India in World Cup Clash Against England and Desis Can't Keep Calm

The fans from Pakistan are cheering for India to defeat England on Sunday's contest at Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham.

It's not India Vs England anymore. When the Virat Kohli & Co take on Eoin Morgan's wobbly side on Sunday in Birmingham, it's going to be India + Pakistan Vs the hosts England.

The reason behind this unity is unique yet simple, one that requires basic math to justify the unprecedented support that has been pouring from the fans across the border for Team India since the past few days.

Sarfaraz Ahmed's determined side has turned the (point) tables with three consecutive and stunning victories to their name. Their first victim was Faf's down and dusted South Africa. The Men in Green then served a major blow to unbeaten Kiwis, announcing their arrival after a paltry start in the showpiece event. The next win was a tricky one when Afghanistan spinners almost pulled off a huge upset over them, almost snatching Pakistan's ticket to stay alive in the playoffs. Afghan skipper Gulbadin's loose 46th over, however, helped the green warriors race to the finishing line with just two deliveries (and 3 wickets) in hand.

The nervy victory on Saturday helped Pakistan push England down to the fifth spot on the points table. Pakistan - 9, England - 8.

Now, Pakistan has only one match to go before they advance to the semis. It's them Vs Bangladesh on July 5. But the fun has only begun. Both Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, with two matches remaining each, are lurking around the corner with 7 and 6 points respectively and are only increasing England's anxiety.

The troubles for the English team, though, are far from over. They meet India on Sunday and New Zealand on July 3 and will have to win both to stay in the contest.

So it shouldn't come as a shock or even surprise that Pakistan would want to see England losing in their next two, even if it comes at a price of backing their arch-rivals, the Men in Blue, on a day that could decide the fates of several teams. Apart from staying in the hunt, the fans would also hope for another India-Pak tie during semis or even at the big finale.

Straight from the horse's mouth.

How can you keep Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhtar away from the action? In a recent video, the former Pakistani fast bowler said:

“India, all of Pakistan is standing with you. And I request that all the Pakistani based in England should also support India. Because if India beats England, the game is over. Pakistan then has to win just one game to qualify.”

While the Pakistans have already been vocal about their support for Team India, fans back home summed up the feelings felt by the neighbours just ahead of the exciting India-England clash.

And what better way to express the feelings than memes, right?