Pakistani Anchor Has a Perfect Comeback to a Caller's 'Hair-Raising' Remark

Pakistani Anchor Has a Perfect Comeback to a Caller's 'Hair-Raising' Remark

A Pakistani anchor on live TV got a reponse form a caller who took a personal jibe at him, but his response balance it out.


Raka Mukherjee

Being an anchor on live television is never easy - anything can happen. It also means that no matter what the situation is on TV, you have to learn to adapt to it in seconds and act accordingly.

A Pakistani anchor has probably perfected the art of carrying out this trait like a boss, after a caller on his live show had a very personal remark to make about the anchor.

During a morning show on Pakistan’s Hum News channel, called 'Subah Se Aagey,' the anchor, Ovais Mangalwala, along with the guests were discussing how the hair loss has become a common problem and the reasons behind it.

During the discussion, he accepted a live call from a caller who identified himself as "Humayun from Karachi," and started talking about how he had lost a lot of his hair, while he was just 27.

When Mangalwala asked details, “Toh abhi kitne baal bache honge apke sar par? (How much hair is left on your head now?)"

The caller answered with, "Abhi jo aap ka condition hai, meri bhi wohi condition hai. (I have the same amount as you)"

While this wasn't a remark, Mangalwala expected the caller to make on live TV, he had the best response to it.

He immediately asked the caller to "chill and relax," and quoted a study on how "In University of Pennsylvania, women found men who look like you and me attractive."

Pakistani Netizens were naturally amused.

Others pointed out that the question was pretty insensitive.

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