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Panicked Indians are Googling When Exactly Domestic Flights are Being Suspended

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Image for representative purpose only.

With the domestic flights suspended in India starting from 24 March midnight, Indians are scrambling to check the flight status among other information on google.

"Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures."

Scrambling to book tickets to get back home to your loved ones during coronavirus state lockdown? As many as 80 districts across the country where Covid-19 cases were confirmed have been placed under lockdown till March 31. The entirety of urban India including all the major cities Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata are all staying in their homes-- to contain the spread of deadly coronavirus.

So how does one get home?

According to a new order issued by the railways, only goods trains will run from March 22 midnight to March 31 midnight - meaning all passenger train operations, Metro rail services, and inter-state bus travel has been suspended across India till March 31.

Now, Indians are left more or less with one option to get back to their homes - domestic air travel.

With an exception to cargo-carrying flights, The Ministry of Civil Aviation announced that no domestic commercial airlines shall fly with effect from the midnight on 24 March till the midnight of March 31 - meaning the flights shall not land after 24 March 11:59 PM.

Since then google searches regarding domestic flight travel, cancellation, and the window of travel time have spiked astronomically in the country.

In fact, "midnight", "flight status", "helpline" were the top trending search terms on Google in India.

Midnight of 24 or 25? The panic around the travel time has created confusion.

In short, airlines will have to land at their destination before the given time on the given date. The domestic flights will HAVE to land at their destination before 11:59 PM on 24 March. Do your bookings accordingly.