'Patriotic, Brahmin Bride Needed': This Absurd Matrimonial Ad Has Left Social Media Fuming

matrimonial ad

matrimonial ad

It's 2020, and yet matrimonial ads seem to be as regressive as ever.

Jashodhara Mukherjee
  • News18.com
  • Last Updated: February 17, 2020, 12:44 PM IST
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A viral matrimonial advertisement, jam packed with sexism, elitism, casteism and so-called "nationalist" sentiments, has caused social media to explode with anger owing to the superficial and shallow demands made by those who put it out.

The ad, which has evidently been published in a newspaper, is for a certain Dr. Abhinao Kumar, BDS. While he has a long list of characteristics ready for his wife-to-be, he is himself unemployed. But that didn't stop him from looking for a wife who is an "Indian Hindu Brahmin girl working from Jharkhand or Bihar." That's not all. Apart from the usual demands of a fair and beautiful bride, the woman in question also has to be an expert in raising a child.

She also needs to be a patriotic individual and help in improving India's 'military capabilities'. But this wouldn't be the first matrimonial ad to make such ludicrous demands and it certainly wouldn't be the last. Every time you open the matrimonial section of a newspaper, you'll be greeted with such misogynistic and classist ads with absurd requirements. While you might be thinking who would even respond to such ads, let us remind you that the marriage industry in the country has a turnover of more than 50 billion dollars.

The ad in question pretty much covers India's definition of an "adarsh bahu" - a tall, fair and lovely woman who can take care of kids and her husband, care for him, cook and clean for him. And now, she must also be patriotic. It's 2020 and yet matrimonial ads seem to be as regressive as ever.

Although we cannot verify the source of the ad, it has generated some buzz on Twitter and Reddit due to its problematic content:

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