Patriotism Should Be In Your Hearts, Not Hands: Don't Buy a Tiranga This Independence Day

Patriotism Should Be In Your Hearts, Not Hands: Don't Buy a Tiranga This Independence Day

Your patriotism should be in your heart - not in your purchases.

The one thing that has remained common every single year on Independence Day is-- the flags.

And while flags are the most common symbol of representing a country - for a country like India, it is slightly problematic. Primarily because the tiny flags you see people holding and waving are made out of plastic. And after your Independence day celebration is over - you simply discard it - and it becomes yet another non-biodegradable factor polluting the environment.

Sara Mahdi, a 26-year-old who is an independent master scuba diver, currently with Sanctuary Asia, pointed out how your expressing your patriotism by buying flags is problematic in a Twitter thread.

And if you thought plastic was the only problem, you're wrong.

Mahdi, who has dived in several parts of the world, says, "I can sadly say that no matter how beautiful or diverse each dive has been, no dive has been without minutest piece or shred of plastic as well as wet wipes, bottle caps, and cutlery stuck in coral."

Mahdi states how, "Showing off patriotism is just that - showing off."

"And it may be very important to some in the age of social media - for creating a beautiful visual," she said.

Indeed, every Independence day our social media homepages are littered with pictures of flags. "But nobody talks about the visual of hundreds of thousands of flags that find their way to the coast or the streets or in a turtles system or in a landfill. Nobody wants to put that on their snap or Insta story," she added.

She also said that this isn't limited to just Independence day or just flags - but extends well into festivals and other Indian customs.

Mahdi sums it up best when she states how - "The heart is in an action. Not a purchase."

This Independence day, and for the many more to come, consider once about how much you actually care for your country - and then take the appropriate step.

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