Paw Patrol: Photo of German Shepherd in Officer's Uniform is Proof He's the Goodest Boy

Image credits: Facebook.

Image credits: Facebook.

Chico, a German Shepherd under the Orange County Sheriff’s Office works as a drug detection officer and a patrol dog.

If you thought a dog’s job ends at being cute, you were wrong.

Well, maybe for some dogs that’s true but there are many pooches who have an actual job with work and attendance and responsibilities. One such dog is a police recruit from Florida who has a much more important job than most other canines.

Chico, a German Shepherd under the Orange County Sheriff’s Office works as a drug detection officer and a patrol dog. It is a serious job with heavy responsibilities but that’s not quite the reason behind his recent internet fame.

It is his photo shared by the police department that is winning all ‘hearts’ on Facebook. Since he is an officer of the law, he had to get a formal photograph. And why are officers famous? Their uniforms, of course!

The picture features an incredibly cute face in very formal police attire. Chico looks straight into the camera with determination. The photograph posted have over 6,000 likes and over 1.5 comments with nearly 9,000 shares.

Here is the photograph.

While one person commented that with the exception of their son, Chico is the handsomest police officer they have seen, another came from a veteran police officer who wished him well and asked him to be ‘safe out there.’

The dog recruits in US police as known as K-9.

K-9 Chico has been in the force for 4 ½ years, however, this is the first time he donned a human-like uniform. His handler, Corporal Robert Lees, wanted Chico to “feel extra special” for the department’s routine photo shoot, according to Orange County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, Bailey Myers told TODAY. He also mentioned his service is 4-years in human age but has worked for 35-years in dog years.

“K-9 Chico is a valued member of our team and we were thrilled to see his picture bring smiles to so many faces,” Myers said.

The best of American police dogs are awarded American Humane Hero Dog Awards every year for their role in law enforcement, from detecting explosives and narcotics to finding electronic evidence of child abuse. Chico helps to do all of that but he also enjoys to play a tug of war or with dog toys when he is off-duty. He lives with Lees and his family.

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