People are Cleaning Up Streets to Complete the Viral #Trashtag Challenge

People are Cleaning Up Streets to Complete the Viral #Trashtag Challenge

Dubbed as 'wholesome', the #Trashtag challenge involves people cleaning up littered outdoor spaces and posting 'Before-After' photos on social media.

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  • Last Updated: March 13, 2019, 8:28 AM IST
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In a welcome departure from disturbing internet trends like the 'Momo challenge' or 'Tide Pod challenge', netizens around the world are now posting photos of the '#Trashtag challenge'.

The Trashtag challenge includes taking photos of a dirty place/area and then cleaning it up before photographing the same spot again. The end-goal is to post 'Before-After' shots of an area preceding and succeeding the cleaning.

Originally started as the Trashtag Project in 2015 by UCO, a company that makes outdoor gear, the challenge encourages people to step out oftheir houses, seek out littered areas and clean them. the initial goal of the project was to collect 10,000 pieces of trash by October 2016.

While the project seemed to die down in intensity by the end of 2016, March 2019 witnessed a revival of the project in the form of the #Trashtag challenge.

And like with everything on the Internet, the challenge soon went viral across the world with netizens posting 'before-after' photos of extremely littered spaces that they tidied up.

The challenge also found several takers in India, home to the Bhratiya Janata Party government's flagship sanitati0on project 'Swachh Bharat Mission'. Many took to the outdoors along or with friends and family for some community service while enjoying a day out in the sun.

Here's a post from Dimapur, Nagaland that was shared on Instagram.

Another from Bangalore on Reddit.

Yet others took to Twitter.

However, many expressed concern about where all the collected garbage will go, raising questions not just about waste collection but also about waste disposal systems across the world.

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