People Are Eating Cereal From Other People's Mouths in this Gross, Viral TikTok Challenge

Image credits: TikTok/Bretman Rock.

Image credits: TikTok/Bretman Rock.

The challenge is gross, in very bad taste (literally) and not to mention a choking hazard.


Raka Mukherjee

People on the Internet seem to have left their sanity and cereal bowls in 2019.

Every year starts off with a new, viral trend which is incredibly bizzare and somewhat gross, but this year seems to have taken the cake, or in this case, cereal.

Designed to make you want to throw up, the newest challenge on TikTok is a gross, unhygenic and terrible idea we wish would just disappear off the face off the earth. But it exists, and it's rapidly gaining popularity as the bizarre nature of the challenge goes viral.

The challenge involves one contestant lying down, and opening their mouth. Milk and cereal is poured in their mouth, the person holds it in their mouth instead of swallowing it, and then someone else uses a spoon to eat the cereal from their mouth. Trust us, its grosser than it even sounds, not to mention a very likely choking hazard.

Many people on the TikTok app took the challenge, including YouTube creator, Bretman Rock. Attached below are some videos of the challenge. Watch at the own risk of you wanting to throw up.

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Gross! It's one thing when you share food, but actively slurping someone's saliva straight from their mouth mixed with milk and an overload of sugar is something that is ill-advised, not to mention in poor taste. We hope this challenge doesn't set the tone for upcoming ones in the rest of the year, and it's not a cereal way to get people to do gross things in the anme of a 'challenge.'

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