Person Dresses as T-Rex to Go Outside During Coronavirus Lockdown in Italy

Screengrab of Twitter video.

Screengrab of Twitter video.

In the footage, it can be seen that the person wearing T-rex costume is being stopped by officers.

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Spain, which is the fourth worst-hit country due to the Coronavirus pandemic after China, Iran and Italy, has witnessed a weird incident. A person dressed as Tyrannosaurus rex was stopped by the police after he or she tried to leave home.

This comes days after the Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez has put 15-day state of emergency to fight the sharp rise in coronavirus infections. People are not allowed to step out of their homes if the trip is not extremely essential.

As reported by the Evening Standard, the police have issued a statement urging people of the country to stay indoors after someone sporting a dinosaur costume was seen roaming around, on the streets in the south-eastern city of Murcia.

The police have further also posted footage of the unidentified person on social media. In the footage, it can be seen that the person wearing T-rex costume is being stopped by officers, due to the restrictions imposed by the government.

Taking a dig at the unidentified person, the police in its posts said, while it is allowed for one person to take his or her pet out so that they can relieve themselves, but that category does not include dinosaurs.

The one minute and five seconds long footage, which has been shared on the microblogging site Twitter, has already garnered around 5 million views and more than 150 thousand retweets.

Various users have suggested that the unidentified person could have also possibly done this in an attempt to shield him or herself from the deadly Covid-19 virus.

As of now in Spain alone, nearly 14,000 cases have been reported and the pandemic has already claimed the lives of over 620 people.

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