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PETA Urges People Not to Use Animal Names as Insults, Gets Brutally Trolled

Image for representation.

Image for representation.

PETA claims that by using insults like 'rat' or 'pig' for humans, we are being 'speciesist'.

It's 2021 and we should all try to be as "woke" as possible. But sometimes people advocating political correctness can take things too far. In such a recent incident, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA was viscously trolled on Twitter when they advocated against using "anti-animal slurs". Yes, you may have heard of racial slurs, religious slurs, but PETA thinks we also abuse animals when we use them as an example to insult a person. While the organisation has a significant following online, and there is no dearth of animal lovers or anti-animal abuse activists on the internet, this suggestion didn’t sit too well with anyone.

PETA claims that by using insults like "rat" or "pig" for humans, we are being "speciesist".

The suggestion went viral, which PETA may have hoped for, but for all the wrong reasons.

PETA called out to people that when we use animals as an insult, we perpetuate a myth that humans are superior. This in turn justifies abusing or violating the animals. "Stand up for justice by rejecting supremacist language," they said in all earnest.

They tweeted this suggestion with a very useful infographic. It’s a chart that replaces animal-based insults to other adjectives. According to the chart, a pig should be replaced with repulsive, rat should be a snitch and so on. Have a look at the new suggested nomenclature:

"Perpetuating the idea that animals are sly, dirty, or heartless desensitizes the public and normalizes violence against other animals," they said in the following tweet.

However, netizens were not in the mood for this level of political correctness (if it can be called that) and trolled the group endlessly.

Many also pointed out that PETA has an exceptionally high kill rate when it comes to animals in their shelters. Which the group tried to justify, but failed.

New York Post talked to PETA President Ingrid Newkirk about the online mockery. "The kneejerk dismissals are a reflection of the times we want to put behind us, and after ridicule comes discussion and then acceptance, as we’ve seen with our campaigns to end the use of fur and to point out how inhumane and unhealthy cow’s milk is, among others," she was quoted as saying.

She said it’s not only discriminatory to use animals as insults but also factually wrong. Citing the example of pigs, she said they have complex social lives and have empathy so it’s not right to use them as an insult.

PETA is mostly a cause for online trolling with their advocacy. Even many animal-right activists have actively objected to PETA in the past for their aggression and also animal-killing shelters.

first published:January 29, 2021, 19:10 IST