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PewDiePie Supporters Hack Printers Again, But This Time With a Serious Intention

PewDiePie Supporters Hack Printers Again, But This Time With a Serious Intention

The PewDiePie vs T-Series drama doesn't seem to be ending any time soon.

Another day, another story of how people are doing everything in their power to help a Swedish gamer stay on top of his game. So what if it comes at a cost of hacking printers?

Earlier this month, a similar story had surfaced after PewDiePie supporters decided to hack at least 50,000 printers that spat out a message that encouraged people to subscribe to the Internet star and unsubscribe from T-Series, a Noida-based music label, that has been unwittingly chasing PewDiePie in the subscriber race over the past four months.

But the recent attack on printers isn't just about supporting PewDiePie. In this case, the hacker wants the world to know the vulnerabilities in printers' software that can put sensitive data at risk.

"I've been trying to show that hacking isn't a game or toy, it can have serious real-life consequences," the anonymous hacker told BBC.

The hacker adds that attacks like these could cause physical damage to printers and people who own such devices should be paying heed to them. By exploiting the flaws in printer's firmware, the hackers could continuously force data to be written to the chips, causing the chips to fry and eventually rendering the printers useless.

The attack has reportedly affected 1,00,000 printers this time.

The Twitterati who were directly affected by the hack took to the website to share the unusual printouts they came across.

The message was as follows:


PewDiePie is in trouble and he needs your help to defeat T-Series!

What is going on -- PewDiePie, the currently most subscribed channel on YouTube is at stake of losing his position as number one channel by an Indian company called T-Series, that simply uploads videos of Bollywood trailers and songs.

The printout also included a message to tweet to @HackerGiraffe, the same account, who was involved in the previous attack.

With over 77 million subscribers now, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka PewDiePie, is the most popular YouTube celebrity in the world, with the highest number of subscribers.

Over the last five years, he has reigned over the video-streaming site as the most subscribed channel but a recent scare from an Indian music label company, T-Series, which seemed set to dethrone the king of your YouTube wall.

Following a worldwide campaign, which saw all manner of channels, users and viewers do their best to keep PewDiePie on top, his top spot seemed secure. And after a recent decision by the platform, his position is set for the foreseeable future.

Yes, there is some good news for the "9-year-old" bro army. YouTube has announced that they would be doing a site-wide screening to kick out bot accounts and the difference between the top two channels has widened to about 1.4 million subscribers at the time of writing this.