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Sherlyn Chopra Just Dropped an Election Rap Called 'Vote Daal' and it's 'Bohot Hard'

Image Credit: Twitter/Reuters

Image Credit: Twitter/Reuters

In the 1 minute 55 seconds long video called 'Vote Daal', Sherlyn Chopra tries to influence millennials to cast their vote and not wear the 'topi' (be fooled).

Even as politicians venture into uncharted electoral territories this election season, actress and model Sherlyn Chopra seems to be doing the same by venturing into rapping. And if you thought you had already seen it all this election, wait till you see the election video that the actor just dropped.

No, that was not a typo. Chopra has indeed ventured into the currently trending world of rap. And the actor has chosen a topic that nobody knew she felt so strongly about — elections and voting.

In the 1 minute 55 seconds long video called ‘Vote Daal’, Chopra tries to influence electors to cast their vote and not waste five more years.

The video starts with commentary on current socio-economic and political upheavals gripping the country such as farmer distress, “chit-fund politics" and the mandir vs development debate. But within seconds, Chopra takes up the reins with an arresting “Ey public". The opening lyrics invite the audience to have a frank chat with her about their present condition.


The chorus of the song goes something like this:

Vote daal, ho gaye paanch saal, zimmedari sambhal, vote daal vote daal" (Cast your vote, it’s been five years, shoulder responsibility, cast your vote).

The aggressive video outlines how busy lifestyles, rising prices and lack of government accountability is responsible for the current problems of the country. Chopra, dressed in funky shorts and boss shades, acts out the rap song with full gusto, encouraging people to not wear the “topi" (become fooled) and exercise their right to vote.

Chopra talks about how people today pay the price of their aspirations in EMIs, something that most in the audience would relate to. But then, when people actually have the chance to make a change, Chopra says that many continue to snooze.

She further admonishes people to follow her “34-karat" advice and go cast their votes. As per her post on Twitter, the video was directed by Chopra herself and the lyrics were also written by her.

This election season is probably the first one that has had so many rap songs as part of overall campaigning. With the success of the Ranveer Singh-Alia Bhatt-starrer Gully Boy in February this year, hip-hop and street rap seems to have become the new favourite music genre of the masses, especially the youth, and political parties have not slept on the trend.

Many celebrities like Chopra could also be benefiting from the rise of the genre as it gives them an opportunity to experiment outside of set formulas and try new things - quite clearly, in Chopra’s case, the experiment seems to have paid off.

Even though Chopra is quite popular among her fans, this is probably the first time fans are finding out the Chopra really cares if they vote or not. And in a democracy, celebrities preaching voting is never a fail.

It helps that Chopra’s lyrics are catchy and, as netizens pointed out, fairly relatable.

It seems Chopra, who hashtagged the video #BeingResponsible and #MillenialMindset, is looking to woo millennial fans and also play the good samaritan. Her efforts sure seem to be getting noticed. But would the attention transform into votes? Only the counting of the ballots can tell.

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