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Photographer Behind Bernie Sanders’ Viral Pic Says He’s Not a ‘Big Fan’ of His Click

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Last Updated: January 26, 2021, 14:20 IST

Viral Bernie Sanders image.

Viral Bernie Sanders image.

Sharing his thoughts behind the meme-able image, the photographer said that the photo does capture a nice moment and he definitely 'stands by it'.

Bernie Sanders has become the most important and ‘viral’ highlight from the historic US President Inauguration Day function of January. Since then, ‘Grumpy Bernie’ has been cropping up anywhere and everywhere.

The aloof Bernie, seated cross-legged on a folded chair, wearing a green jacket, over-sized woolen hand-mittens soon became the most important takeaway for the meme-makers of social media. Since then, Bernie can be seen even beside you.

Now, in a recent interview with the Rolling Stones, the man behind the lens, Brendan Smialowski, has opened up about his thoughts towards the viral Bernie image.

While trying to keep an eye out for Republic Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, Smialowski spotted a socially-distant Bernie.

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“He’s very big. He’s a heavy hitter during the primaries. His brand of politics is popular,” said the AFP photographer adding, “So, of course, I want to keep an eye on him and how he interacts with people and try to make a nice picture.”

However, Smialowski said that the picture itself was not that nice. “It’s not a great composition. I’m not going to be putting this in a portfolio,” he remarked.

Talking more about freezing that particular moment, he expressed that he is not a “big fan” of such types of pictures as it tends to give a “misconception” to people about the person. As a photographer, he avoids to take such snaps. He mentioned that Bernie isn’t as grumpy as he appears to be, given the “politically independent” person he is, Rest of the times, Bernie was seen talking and interacting with the crowd.

“If I could know, I would never take a meme. I would be more than happy to never have a meme,” he added.

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Sharing his thoughts behind the meme-able image, Smialowski said that the photo does capture a nice moment and he definitely “stands by it”.

He also happens to enjoy the Photoshop skills of internet, as “it shows a certain level of talent”.

“I genuinely enjoy when people do Photoshop jobs putting things into art and making it look like it actually belongs,” he said.

Senator Sanders grumpy chic look is all over and as it seems, Sanders’ campaign team is already set on capitalizing this trending meme.

The Bernie campaign website has launched sweatshirts that have the iconic picture of the socialist Democrat leader. The product is described as Chairman Sanders Crewneck which is priced at $45. The unisex clothing is made of combed ring spun organic cotton fleece and all the proceeds from the product goes to Meals on Wheels, Vermont. Sanders has announced to give the money from the sweatshirts to charity. The kind of leader the world needs indeed!

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first published:January 26, 2021, 14:20 IST
last updated:January 26, 2021, 14:20 IST