Photos: From Facebook to Lego: 15 interesting Durga Puja pandal themes we've seen over the years

Photos: From Facebook to Lego:  15 interesting Durga Puja pandal themes we've seen over the years

While 3D Durga Puja images will be seen this time, these ingenious pandals have attracted people over the years.

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  • Last Updated: September 25, 2014, 1:19 PM IST
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Any Durga Puja celebration is incomplete without pandal-hopping. A major attraction during the festival, the pandals see a huge gathering of people every year. Art and technology have mingled in this year's Durga Puja festival to present a unique 3D digital image of Goddess Durga at a pandal in Kolkata.The "unique" image measuring 6x14 feet will be hosted in the Jodhpur Park puja pandal which is known for its innovation. Explaining the concept, Ujjal Mitra, owner of the company assigned to execute the job, said that the idol was the result of computer-aided designs using graphic technology.While 3D images have made an entry this year, Facebook and Lego-themed pandals have left people amazed in the previous years. There have been pandal themes inspired by Disney, football stadiums and even dragons! Did you go pandal-hopping to any of these?


A fusion pandal of Durga and Buddha during the Durga Puja.Picture Courtesy: Quora

The Ghas Bagan Sporting Club created a pandal with a theme of the Cambodia Bayon Temple.Picture Courtesy: Quora

The Udayan Sangha Naktala’s pandal was based on the theme of metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly.Picture Courtesy: Quora

The Mudiali Club had a pandal constructed in the form of a crown.Picture Courtesy: Quora

A Disney World themed pandal in Kolkata.Picture Courtesy: Quora

North Kolkata had a Durga Puja pandal with a Dragon Festival theme.Picture Courtesy: Quora

A Facebook themed pandal for Durga Puja to keep up with the current times.Picture Courtesy: Quora

This Durga Puja pandal in Mohammad Ali Park was based on Johannesburg’s football stadium.Picture Courtesy: Quora

A Jungle Book themed Durga Puja pandal to attract children.Picture Courtesy: Quora

Lego! Yes, there was a Lego-themed Durga Puja pandal too.Picture Courtesy: Quora

Book your place here. This Durga Puja pandal is based on a library.Picture Courtesy: Quora

A South Kolkata pandal based on the Laxmi Narayan temple in Vellore.Picture Courtesy: Quora

A grand Durga Puja pandal that looks exactly like the Meenakshi Temple.Picture Courtesy: Quora

The Sanchi Stupa themed Durga Puja pandal in Jodhpur Park.Picture Courtesy: Quora

The sun rising from the sea is reflected in this Durga Puja pandal.Picture Courtesy: Quora

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