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Photos of Bathroom Without Doors and Walls in Rs 6.5 Crore Mansion Have Baffled the Internet

Image credits: Zillow.

Image credits: Zillow.

A mansion in Boston, Massachusetts and listed on the website Zillow has baffled everyone for its bathroom that has glass walls, no doors, and zero concept of privacy.

Modern interior home designs have certainly blurred the boundaries of privacy, as a recent house property posted on Zillow shows. Shared on the Instagram page Zillow Gone Wild, the post shows a mansion in Boston, Massachusetts, posted on real estate buying website, Zillow. At first, the house would look like an impressive property based in the United States and priced at $8,99,000. But it is when you look inside the house that you might wonder if there is any concept of privacy for the makers of the house. The house comes with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, sprawled over 2,001 square feet. However, there is no door or wall for the bathroom or toilet. There are transparent glass doors placed for the shower cabin, but apparently, the designers of the house believed in complete transparency.

The Instagram post has received over 32k likes since it was shared on Saturday as netizens shared their reactions to the post. One of the users commented, “Soooo a bathroom with no door?” Another comment hailed the makers of the house as the “President of the I Hate Walls club."

Another comment imagined how the owners of the house would welcome the guests in their house and wrote, “Thanks for coming over, would you like to pee."While for some, it was not as shocking as it might look because there was a security glass in the house. Some shocked fans wrote that they would rather die than use that bathroom. Another hilarious comment read that "watching television as entertainment is so 2020. Watching the family Shit/Shower/ and Shave is the new HULU."


One of the users imagined another hilarious incident that might occur if there is no wall or door to protect the privacy of members in the bathroom or toilet and wrote, “You fart in one room and it echoes through the whole house….magic."

For some users, who were anticipating such revelation in the interior designing field, it was still a shock when it finally did appear.