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Pierce Brosnan Thought He Was Endorsing A Tooth Whitener, Twitter Had A Field Day

Hilarious reactions.

Updated:October 21, 2016, 1:41 PM IST
Pierce Brosnan Thought He Was Endorsing A Tooth Whitener, Twitter Had A Field Day
(Photo: Press Release/ Pan Bahar)

Days after Pierce Brosnan, the fifth actor to play the iconic role of James Bond, was announced the brand ambassador of Indian pan masala brand Pan Bahar, the actor on October 20 said that he was deeply shocked and saddened to learn the pan masala product he was advertising may include ingredients that can cause cancer.

In a recent interview to People magazine, Brosnan stated that he was distressed by the deceptive use of his image in Indian pan masala brand's advertisement.

The 63-year-old James Bond star said his contract stated that he was to advertise a "breath freshener/tooth whitener."

Brosnan extended apologies and expressed his wish to back out of the contract. He demanded the company to remove his image from all their products.

Brosnan also assured that he had no knowledge that he was endorsing items that would have a negative or painful reaction in India.

Despite Brosnan backing out and apologising, social media is still not letting the trolling go. People might have accepted his apology but they are still surprised that Brosnan was oblivious of what he was endorsing.

Here's how social media users reacted when they learnt that the former James Bond star didn't even know the product he was endorsing to hundreds and thousands of people.

"Pierce Brosnan says he didn't know what he was selling. Guess things didn't "paan" out as expected!(sic)."

"Pierce Brosnan thought he was endorsing a, 'tooth whitener'. Pan Bahar does whiten your teeth. They fall out. Then you get brand new ones (sic)."

"Pierce Brosnan will soon find out that the shaken but not stirred Martini he was having all these years was actually Masala Limca (sic)."

"Pan Bahar's a tooth whitener, Pierce Brosnan: "Okay", *points to an electricity pole* "...and that's the Qutub Minar", Pierce: "Beautiful" (sic).

"Pierce Brosnan will next endorse Condoms saying he was misled into believing it was chewing gum (sic)."

"Pierce Brosnan: Apologies, I Didn’t Know What I Was Selling!
Delhi Voters: Apologies, Even We Didn't Know Who We Are Choosing (sic)."

"Tourist Guide: You see the Taj Mahal. Do you know why it's so white?
Pierce Brosnan : Shahjahan used to eat Paan Bahar *guide hugs him* (sic)."

Pan Bahar makers fooled James Bond, this itself is the biggest advertisement for Pan Bahar (sic).

"Pierce Brosnan thought Pan Bahaar was a tooth whitener?? Shows how effective the British Secret Service is! (sic)"

With input from PTI

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