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Piers Morgan Bet a Million on India Winning Gold and Indian Twitter Owned Him

Image source: Getty & Twitter

Image source: Getty & Twitter

Chickity-check yo self before you wreck yo self!

Remember Piers Morgan? The British journalist who got our country riled up because he thought celebrating two Olympics medals was embarrassing? He was roasted by pretty much every Indian with a Twitter account. Yeah, he did manage to get the better of his exchange with Chetan Bhagat and Suhel Seth, but Virender Sehwag totally won the round with his winning sixer:

Piers Morgan's idea of getting back at Viru wasn't the best, though. As England scored 444 runs against Pakistan, a one-day international world record in itself, Morgan tried to to take advantage of this by attempting a not-thoroughly-well-thought-out retort.

What Morgan did not know, was the fact that India has already won 9 Olympic gold medals in the past. A simple Wikipedia search would have sufficed. But When you have got to take jabs, simple things as research is considered secondary.

And once more, Twitter India decided to troll the hell out of the poor British journo. He really set himself up for this. When pointed out, he quickly deleted his tweet and changed it slightly. But of course, the Twitter brigade had screenshots, and questions.

As the old Ice Cube rap goes, Mr Morgan: Chickity check yo self, before you wreck yo self.

first published:August 31, 2016, 14:32 IST