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PlayStation 5 Vs Gully Cricket: In Search of Gold, Indian Twitterati Found a Diamond Meme

Collage tweeted by @kaju__katli.

Collage tweeted by @kaju__katli.

'In search of gold... we lost the diamond,' is the latest meme trend that has taken the Indian Twitterverse by storm.

There isn’t a single dull day in the meme universe or so we would like to think. The newest meme in town has Indian folks reminiscing the good ol’ days comparing to what we have today. Slouching on your couch and watching Netflix vs watching Cartoon Network and POGO in your childhood. Himesh Reshammiya taking up acting vs Himesh Reshammiya singing. Or Anjali choosing Rahul over Aman in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Yep, the meme has quite a wide range and potential and it goes something like this: “In search of gold… we lost the diamond.”

Now that you have a little hint of what this is all about, here are a few takes by desis on a meme only they can describe it best through tweets.


MSD fans approve.

Earlier, Twitter users imagined the departed legends in today’s scenarios. The Twitter trend, which essentially is a text-based meme, starting with “RIP (name of a famous person who is now dead), you would have loved (the modern-day thing which relates to them.) For example, Andy Warhol and Vine. The trend which started last week has now blown up on the micro-blogging platform where everyone is rushing to share what the old-timers would have enjoyed. While some of them are historically accurate, most of them are dark humour and finding something ‘close enough.’

You can check it out here.

first published:March 24, 2021, 14:36 IST