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PM Modi Quits Weibo? All Posts Deleted, Only Followers Remain After India Bans Chinese Apps

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's posts vanished from Weibo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's posts vanished from Weibo

PM Modi quit Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, in wake of Indo-China tensions.

Days after India banned 59 Chinese apps, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Weibo account has gone blank-- there are no photos, posts or comments. According to reports, the Prime Minister of India has quit Weibo, the Chinese social media platform equivalent to Twitter.

Modi had joined Weibo in 2015 and had amassed thousands of followers within minutes.

This comes 10 days after at least three official Indian statements – including the PM’s – were deleted from the Indian embassy’s official account on the popular social media app, WeChat.

Due to Weibo's complex rules regarding VIP accounts, an official process for the PM to quit the platform was initiated. As per reports, there was a delay from the Chinese side in responding to the request.

PM Modi had made as many as 115 posts on Weibo over the years and officials managed to remove 113 of them manually.

Two of the posts, which contained photos of PM Modi with the Chinese leader Xi Jinping, continued to remain on the platform due to Weibo's policies that forbid the deletion of any photos or content related to the Chinese premier.

Despite the delay, as of Wednesday evening, all Modi's posts had been deleted.

The final follower count after he quit the platform stood at 244,000, which was roughly the same when the deletion of posts began.

Earlier, China’s state-run tabloid Global Times, in a tongue and cheek statement, reminded Modi of his Weibo account. In its report on India’s ban announcement, Global Times said the list of apps includes Weibo where Modi has a verified account and more than 240,000 followers.

Several people on Twitter also wondered if Modi will delete his Weibo account as well. It has happened, finally.

The move comes in the wake of Indo-China border violence in Galwan Valley that left 20 Indian Army personnel martyred. Now, Lieutenant General Harinder Singh, the commander of India’s Leh-based XIV corps, and his People’s Liberation Army counterpart, South Xinjiang military region chief Major-General Liu Lin, have agreed on broad parameters to disengage troops in some contested zones along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, government sources familiar with the negotiations have told News18.

The two commanders met on Tuesday at the frontier outpost of Chushul, for talks that ran twelve hours. This was the third in a series of meetings so far. Neither New Delhi nor Beijing have issued any official communiqué or comment on the negotiations.