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PM Modi Becomes Most Followed Leader with 30 Million Followers on Instagram


Last Updated: October 14, 2019, 09:07 IST

File photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PTI)

File photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PTI)

PM Modi's instagram account now has 30 million followers.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Instagram account, reached a milestone today by crossing 30 million followers. A few days ago, PM Modi, one of the few Indian politicians who're extremely active on social media, crossed the 50 million mark on Twitter. Let this be noted, PM Modi is now the most followed leader on Instagram.

Keeping all that aside for the moment, let's rather focus on how Modi has successfully managed to carve out a place for himself in social media amid world leaders who've been at it longer.

Recently, Modi went on to become the third most followed leader on Twitter, with over 50 million followers, that's twice the number of followers US President Donald Trump has.

While Modi has been on Twitter for quite some time, he actively began using it in 2014, ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. According to Economic Times, Modi had roughly 5.3 million followers in 2014 which rapidly grew over a period of five years. It was also around this time when Modi began using other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where he has 43.7 million and 30 million followers respectively.

A report published in 2017 established PM Modi as the most followed leader on Facebook, and he was followed at a close second by Donald Trump who had 20 million followers. Social media game on point? We think so.

Not just that, Modi is now also the most followed leader on Instagram, given that Trump has only about 14 million followers on the platform. The credit for Modi's omnipresence on social media goes to his robust team who ensure that open lines of communication are maintained. A carefully chalked out social media strategy has essentially placed the PM on a global map, so to speak. Everyone knows PM Narendra Modi, and he has his social media team to thank for that. From relying on social media to share big announcements to addressing the nation on Sundays, from sharing lighthearted moments with babies to human interest stories, PM Modi's social media activity is diverse.

Similarly, a report published by SEMRush in May 2019, a digital marketing platform, showed that PM Modi was the second most followed leader on social media, after Barrack Obama. And guess what, he beats Donald Trump in the race! At the time of the report being published, Modi had a total of 110 million followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which has grown by 12 million in these last three and a half months. On the contrary, Trump has only 96 million followers on all platforms.