Pope Francis Allegedly ‘Likes’ Bikini Model’s Photo on Instagram. Creates Buzz

(Credit: Instagram)

(Credit: Instagram)

A bikini model has recently claimed that her racy post was liked by Pope Francis’ Instagram account.

Thou shall not like this!

The internet is a vast space, and anything goes up there remains for posterity and is relatively hard to pull it down. In one such gaffe amounting to holy order, the Instagram account of none other than the Pope was recently found to have ‘liked’ a picture of racy proportions.

A bikini model has recently claimed that her racy post was liked by Pope Francis’ Instagram account. Natalia Garibotto shared a photo of her sporting a revealing outfit in which she was wearing a crop top, suspenders, stockings and showing off her curves. The bikini model claims that the pontiff’s verified Instagram account ‘Franciscus’ was among the 133,000 that ‘liked’ her photo standing at a school locker in a white crop-top and a barely there skirt.

Barstool Sports which also claimed to have noticed the apparent holy seal of like before it was pulled down. The Brazilian model joked with them stating,’my mum may hate my @#$% pics but the Pope is double tapping’.

The papal ‘like’ is no longer there, but not before few users who saved the screenshots and it is not evident who controls Pope Francis’s account. The model had some of the cheekiest reactions to her post and posted a fun thread with her fans on Twitter, when a Twitter user pointed it out.

‘At least I’m going to heaven,’ she jokingly commented to the ‘like’ reaction.

In another tweet, she commented ‘Brb on my way to the Vatican,’with her Twitter followers, along with a prayer emoji.

The news of the double tap did spark a slew of devilish jokes and funny reactions and sent social media into a tizzy.

‘My mans just admiring God’s creation leave him alone,’ said one user.

While another user said that the god created such an #$% and the pontiff is just admiring it.

Another user unable to control his excitement said that the photo part was not the only shock, but he’s ‘trying to get past the fact’ that the holy father has an Instagram account.

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