'Portal to Narnia?' Cathedral Cat Disappears into Priest's Robe during Online Sermon

Video grab.
(Image credit: Twitter)

Video grab. (Image credit: Twitter)

He was forced to pause as the cat was seen wandering inside his robe and the suddenly vanish inside the cassock.

In a hilarious incident, a sermon being delivered by a British priest was interrupted while the cathedral cat disappeared into his cassock.

While Robert Wills, the Dean of Canterbury was delivering his online sermon, he was forced to pause as Leo, the cat was seen wandering inside his robe and suddenly vanishing within the folds.

The recorded incident was then posted on social media by the Canterbury Cathedral, which said, "Leo the cat has been getting up to mischief again! Did you spot this moment in Morning Prayer last week? #Caturday."

The nearly 7-second clip went viral and netizens took to the video to express their feelings regarding what must have been going through the cat's mind when he attempted such an act!

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