Cruel or Genius? Prankster Stuck Life-sized AirPods Stickers Around Town and Watched the World Burn

Images tweeted by @PabloRochat.

Images tweeted by @PabloRochat.

Residents of San Francisco 'found' AirPods lying around on the streets and were in for a huge disappointment.

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When Apple had launched AirPods in December 2016, there was a running joke about them getting lost easily. While the jokes have subsided with time, the proud AirPods owners always remain careful with the wireless device.

Reviving the joke in 2019, residents of San Francisco "found" AirPods lying around on the streets this weekend. A local artist, Pablo Rochat, printed out dozens of life-sized AirPods stickers, and stuck them to the grounds, all over the city.

He tweeted pictures of the prank and proudly wrote, “I made life-size AirPod stickers and stuck them on the ground, all over the city.”

He even shared two clips of his prank in action.

Twitter was half impressed by this ‘evil genius’ and half annoyed with pranksters in general. One user wrote, “Don’t know what’s more evil. This prank or not providing us with the reaction videos.”

An angry user commented, “What a d**kish thing to do. Someone who is poor and can't afford them will think "Oooh, my lucky day!" only to be disappointed.” Another wrote, “A dog 100% has peed on that and pretty much everything else you touched today, so enjoy that karma!”

Now, fortunately, or not, but anyone can actually pull out this prank because Rochat is giving out the stickers for both the original AirPods and AirPods Pro free downloads on his website.

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