Private Jet to Fly Pets from Delhi to Mumbai, Each Seat to Cost Rs 1.6 Lakh

Photo source: Canva

Photo source: Canva

The pets will be flying to Mumbai in mid-June.

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The lockdown has not only been tough for humans but it has also been quite troublesome for pets. Now, in a move that one would have not possibly imagined, a private jet is being hired to transport pets from Delhi to Mumbai to meet their owners.

The price of each ticket is fixed at Rs 1.6 lakh. The pets will be flying to Mumbai in mid-June. This pet-only flight is the idea of Deepika Singh, an entrepreneur.

As per a report published in Mumbai Mirror, Deepika came up with this idea while she was arranging a private jet for her relatives to travel to Mumbai from various parts of the country.

She told ThePrint, “Some people wanted to travel with their pets but when the others refused, I decided to arrange for another jet. I contacted a private company. They agreed to give a plane for pets. Till now, four people have agreed to bring their pets from Delhi to Mumbai.”

The possible occupants of the flight so far are one Golden Retriever, two Shih Tzus, and a Lady Pheasant. Deepika needs two more passengers to make the flight viable.

She approached Rahul Muchhal of Accretion Aviation for providing the jet. After the government allowed the resumption of domestic flights, Accretion Aviation has been organizing flights across the country.

“We haven’t yet decided on which aircraft to use, but it will probably be a turbo-prop aircraft which can seat 5 to 8 passengers,” Mucchal was quoted as saying by Mumbai Mirror.

He mentioned that the company will be taking all necessary precautions for prevention of coronavirus and the animals will be flown in cages. The pets will also go through a temperature-screening before they board the plane and so will their human handlers.

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