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Pune Restaurant is Giving Away Royal Enfield Bikes. All You Have to Do is Finish this 'Bullet Thali'

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Last Updated: January 20, 2021, 13:45 IST

Image for representative purpose only.

Image for representative purpose only.

The non-vegetarian platter aka 'Bullet Thali' is prepared with four kilograms of mutton and fried fish.

An eatery in Pune has come up with a unique food eating contest. Shivraj Hotel located in the Wadgaon Maval area in the outskirts of Pune has introduced a special offer to attract customers. The 'Win a Bullet bike' contest requires people to finish a huge Bullet Thali. If you can consume all the food in the non-veg thali within 60 minutes, you can win a Royal Enfield bike worth Rs 1.65 lakh. Yes, you read that right. The winner will be presented with a Bullet Bike if they manage to finish up the platter. So, do you think you can participate and manage to win the competition?

The Bullet thali comprises around 12 different types of dishes. The non-vegetarian platter is prepared with four kilograms of mutton and fried fish. The dishes include fried surmai, pomfret fried fish, chicken tandoori, dry mutton, grey mutton, chicken masala and kolumbi (prawn) biryani. 55 people together work to prepare all the dishes of the massive meal. Each thali is priced at Rs 2,500.

Speaking to India Today, owner of Shivraj Hotel, Atul Waikar, revealed how he came up with the idea of launching such a unique contest in order to invite customers to his restaurant. Five brand new Royal Enfield Bullets were placed in the verandah of the restaurant by Waikar. Banners of the eatery and the menu cards illustrated instructions to give more details of the Bullet Thali contest.

Waikar told the web portal that the response towards the Bullet Thali contest has been great. Several people have been visiting his eatery to try the thali and also participate in the unique contest. Waikar assured that they are ensuring that social distancing norms are being followed. Shivraj Hotel has sales of approximately 65 thalis daily.

The hotel offers six types of giant thalis, namely Special Ravan Thali, Bullet Thali, Malvani Fish Thali, Pahelwan Mutton Thali, Bakasur Chicken Thali and Sarkar Mutton Thali. Shivraj Hotel inaugurated eight years ago and opened its doors for customers by regularly introducing unique offers. Waikar informed that previously, a contest was arranged which required four people to together finish a giant Ravan Thali weighing 8 kg within 60 minutes. The winner of that contest was awarded a prize money of Rs 5000 and was also released from obligation to pay for the thali.

Waikar informed that a resident of the Solapur district in Maharashtra named Somnath Pawar managed to finish the whole Bullet Thali, that too in less than one hour. Pawar was awarded the Royal Enfield Bullet.

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