Quarantined Italians 'Singing' Black Sabbath's Iconic 'War Pigs' Has Fans Head Banging

File image of Ozzy Osbourne / Instagram.

File image of Ozzy Osbourne / Instagram.

Black Sabbath shared the edited video with a caption that read, 'Quarantined Italians Singing Sabbath.'

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Italy has seen the worst impact of coronavirus outbreak outside China, where COVID-19 originated from. Around 3,500 people are falling prey to deadly virus every day in Italy with the death toll rising over 2,500 in the country.

In view of the deteriorating situation, the Italian government has put in place a nationwide lockdown since March 9. However, Italians are not letting their spirits down in the face of the prevailing situation in their country.

Videos have been emerging on social media for quite some time showing Italians keeping each other company in the time of lockdown by singing songs from their balconies.

Recently, a video surfaced on Facebook, in which people can be seen "singing" the first verse of Black Sabbath’s 1970 classic "War Pigs".

Of course, it did not actually happen as Black Sabbath followed the viral trend of hilariously mashing up the video of quarantined Italians with one of their songs. Earlier several Indians had edited the videos coming from Italy with Bollywood songs.

Black Sabbath shared the edited video with a caption that read, “Quarantined Italians Singing Sabbath.”

The video went viral on social media, garnering 105K reactions and 110K shares.

The clip also got flooded with comments with many netizens praising Italians for their positive spirit.

Similar videos have emerged in the past which showed that people in Italy have found a way to keep the spirits high in order to combat coronavirus.

A few days ago, a video of people singing "E mentre Siena dorme" in their balconies did the rounds on the internet.

Sharing the video, a user wrote, "People of my hometown #Siena sing a popular song from their houses along an empty street to warm their hearts."

There are many such videos of people singing, dancing, and playing instruments from their balconies.

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