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Virat Kohli Hilariously Disagreeing With Younger Self on His Bowling Proves He's Come a Long Way

Image credits: ICC / Breakfast with Champions (YouTube).

Image credits: ICC / Breakfast with Champions (YouTube).

Virat Kohli who celebrates his 32nd birthday on November 5 found a mention in ICC's throwback video clip from U-19 World Cup in 2008 wherein he introduced himself as a 'quick bowler'.

There are a lot of things Indian cricketer Virat Kohli is known for: batting excellence, solid captaincy, on-field aggression, and his fitness. But bowling isn’t one of them. Although he has boasted about being a fast bowler in the past. Yep.

Kohli, who has represented India in 86 Tests, 248 ODIs and 82 T20Is and turned 32 on November 5, found a mention in ICC’s throwback video-tweet on Wednesday wherein a young Kohli and then captain can be seen giving his introduction in the U-19 World Cup in 2008.

Kohli’s intro was instantly viral on social media for the obvious reasons. The cricketer described himself as a “right-arm quick bowler", something his fans and followers of the sport politely disagreed with.


Thankfully for us (and Kohli), the star cricketer has become self-aware over the years and knows his bowling action is not a very pretty sight on the cricket field.

Speaking at length about his peculiar bowling action in an interview with Gaurav Kapur on “Breakfast With Champions", Kohli said: “I genuinely used to believe that I could deceive people," Kohli said before adding, “It has happened a few times as well, where batsmen didn’t understand where the ball was coming from…"

He then brought up an IPL anecdote saying that he once did the unimaginable as he managed to release the ball despite having a fall while bowling- something he’s low-key proud of.

“I’ve also slipped a few times while bowling. I once slipped and yet managed to release the ball."

The “new" Kohli further admitted that he was indeed cursed with a terrible bowling action. “I don’t know, I can only get my rhythm with that action. I can’t bowl any other way. Even if I bowl spin, it’ll look like that."

ICC on Wednesday shared U-19 introductions of cricketers including Steve Smith, Ravindra Jadeja, Imad Wasim, Steven Finn, Manish Pandey. Kohli, in his bit, revealed his favourite cricketer was South African Herschelle Gibbs.

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