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Racist Man Assumed Indian Girl Cheated at Scrabble for Knowing English. Reddit Put Him in Place

Image Credits: Twitter.

Image Credits: Twitter.

Ever heard of Shashi Tharoor?

There are racists, there are white supremacists and there are Trump supporters.

And then there are people who refuse to realize they’re racist.

A Reddit user who posted on a throwaway account on a subreddit /r/AmITheAsshole? which asks for judgement from internet strangers on a particular issue, seemed to be in a conundrum for what can obviously be said, was a strong ‘Yes.’

In the post, he wrote:

“So my (M23) GF (F23) has this Indian friend (F18) called “Priya”. Priya came to my English speaking country (relevant later) a year back to study. My girlfriend absolutely adores her and Priya soon became my GFs “best friend”. I’m doing English literature and she’s in science (also relevant).

Recently, she invited my GF and I to her place (fluid restrictions here), and had made a bunch of Indian food for us, got some wine. I ate well, the food was good and was having a good time. My GF had apparently bought Priya a scrabble set because Priya had mentioned she loved the game, so GF suggested we all played scrabble.

I was really excited because I knew I’d decimate them both easily. We play, and as the game progresses, it wasn’t me who was leading but Priya. She was making these huge words like “maladies” and “ostensibly”. I was pretty sure she was cheating.

She got up mid game to go to the bathroom and spent about 3 minutes there. I’m pretty sure she was googling words in there. So when she came out, I jokingly told her I knew she was cheating and she asked me what I was talking about.

I told her I know that she’s cheating, and that it’s impossible for someone who’s literally lived only in India all the time to be so good at Scrabble and to have such an extensive English vocabulary.

She didn’t say anything to defend herself but just laughed and told me she wasn’t cheating and we eventually finished the game and went home.

My GF however was extremely upset with me and told me I embarrassed her. When I told her I was being honest, and that there’s no way Priya could’ve beaten me without cheating, She told me I’m a racist and that she’s reconsidering her relationship with me.”

While we can argue that this man absolutely has no idea the kind of IELTS and other English-exams students going to the US have to clear, as well as how English is one of the most widely spoken languages in India, and how if she cleared exams to get to study science in the ‘English speaking country,’ it’s almost obviously apparent that her English skills are obviously great, but it didn’t end there.

A popular consensus had obvious results, “Yep, you’re the asshole.”

But the man kept arguing, and kept denying he was a racist, because “How could she know so many words?”

Most people had the obvious consensus, yep – racist.

We’re just wondering if he could accuse her of Googling words or was insecure she was cheating, and had access to use the Internet to write this post – why couldn’t he google the words, or how widely English is spoken in India? Racists are never really too bright.

first published:September 16, 2020, 12:38 IST