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Rahul Gandhi Eats Mushroom Biriyani in Viral 'Village Cooking Channel' YouTube Video Ahead of TN Polls

By: Buzz Staff


Last Updated: January 30, 2021, 12:37 IST

Rahul Gandhi on 'Village Cooking Channel' | Image credit: YouTube

Rahul Gandhi on 'Village Cooking Channel' | Image credit: YouTube

Ahead of Tamil Nadu Assembly polls, Rahul Gandhi was seen on an episode of 'Village Cooking Channel' on YouTube in which he assisted in cooking mushroom biryani and raita.

A video of Congress Rahul Gandhi’s appearance on a popular village cooking show on YouTube has gone viral in which he was seen munching on mushroom biriyani with local cooks in Tamil Nadu,

Ahead of elections in the state in May, Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi visited the state for campaigning last week. And amid his regular appearances, the Gandhi scion found time for a rather unusual appearance on the popular YouTube page called ‘Village Cooking Channel’.

Dressed in a blue t-shirt, Gandhi entered halfway through the video with the local greeting, “Vanakkam”.

In the 14-minute-long video, Gandhi can be seen interacting with the cooks while preparing a mushroom biriyani. He even went on to help the chefs with making the “raita”, a dish made of curd and other ingredients and eaten as a side with the biriyani.

Gandhi, who was accompanied by Jothimani, Congress leader and Member of Parliament from Karur, appeared relaxed and seemed to be having fun as he asked the cooks permission to mix in the ingredients for the raita. In a move that further won hearts, Gandhi even spoke the local names of the ingredients being used in Tamil, shouting them out loud and clear in the fashion of the hosts.

The video was uploaded to the Village Cooking Channel’s YouTube page on Friday and has been going viral since across social media platforms. Many have lauded Gandhi for his efforts to mingle with local culture and speak in Tamil.

After preparing the dish, Gandhi was offered the meal including mushroom biriyani and the raita on a traditional banana leaf platter.

In the description, the Village Cooking Channel wrote, “Today we cook mushroom biryani recipe by using traditional and healthy ingredients. Rahul Gandhi Enjoying mushroom biryani by eating with us. We never forget this big moment in our life. Thank you so much Rahul sir for this great opportunity”.

Gandhi was visiting Tamil Nadu ahead of the Assembly polls in the state in May. Gandhi visited areas like Coimbatore and Tiruppur in the past week.

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