Rangoli Chandel Compares Slap and Spanking And We're Confused Whether She Gets Consent

rangoli chandel and taapsee pannu

rangoli chandel and taapsee pannu

Rangoli goes to explain how people should avoid becoming doormats for their partners to walk over and how one should never compromise on their lives for someone else.

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  • Last Updated: March 9, 2020, 12:55 PM IST
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While debating about Taapsee Pannu's film, Thappad, Rangoli Chandel used a bizarre analogy in order to explain the difference between spanking and domestic abuse, and we're very, very confused.

In a series of tweets, Rangoli refers to a claim made by Baaghi 3 director, Ahmad Khan, who stirred controversy recently for saying that it is unfair for a woman to leave her husband for just slapping her once. Khan was speaking about Taapsee's latest film, Thappad, which revolves around domestic abuse and its implications.

In the following tweets, Rangoli says that she'd once asked her sister Kangana the same who had said that she doesn't tolerate domestic abuse, but likes it when her partner spanks her. Rangoli also says that according to Kangana, the only difference is the location of the slap - spanking refers to slapping one's buttocks while domestic abuse is more violent and often involves slapping someone across the face.

According to her, this discrimination is unfair. "I want to know is it ok for your partner to slap your butt cheek but not your cheek, why face cheek gets more privileges than butt cheeks? why butt cheek being treated like an outsider?" she asks.

In another tweet, she says that she had been reprimanded by Kangana for revealing their private conversation on Twitter and then goes on to explain her actions.

This is what Rangoli tweeted later:

Now if this is Rangoli trying to explain what consent really means, then we're extremely doubtful of whether she even understands what it's all about. Firstly, she hadn't taken her sister's permission before tweeting on a public platform about a very private conversation, something she mentions herself.

Secondly, the very comparison between slapping, which is an act of abuse, and spanking which is consensual is problematic and throws light on her confusion as to what consent really is. In another shocking tweet, she says, "I know a lot of young girls whose sole motive is to find a well to do man and live air conditioner life tucked away in the comforts of his home... no matter how intelligent and educated they are they just don’t wnat to work, such women deserve a tight slap," she says in a tweet. It's 2020, haven't we moved on from this already?

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