Rare 'Blue Moon' to Light Up the Sky on Halloween 2020 This October, Here's All You Need to Know

Image for representation.

Image for representation.

Halloween nights is scary enough but add in a rare moon from a supernatural film, it gets scarier.

October 31 this year would be a “once in a blue moon” event.

Halloween nights is scary enough but add in a rare moon from a supernatural film, it gets scarier. As 2020 is the year of the unexpected and weird, the skies also want to participate. On Halloween night, a rare full moon is expected to be visible to the whole world. This would be the first time since World War II the moon would be visible everywhere and not just in some parts.

Jeffrey Hunt, astronomy teacher and former planetarium director, spoke to CNET about the astronomical event. “When I was teaching, my high school students thought a full moon occurred every Halloween,” he said.

It’s the pop-culture and horror pop culture specifically that associates Halloween with a full moon, making it appear as if the two happen simultaneously by design. According to records, last Halloween full moon to be visible all across the globe was in 1944.

Hunt runs a website called “when the Curves Line up” where he talks about everything related to astronomy. There he mentions there was a full moon during Halloween of 1955, however, it wasn’t visible globally and American couldn’t see it.

While the term “blue moon” is being used, the moon may not actually be blue. Unlike a blood moon or pink moon, the blue moon is not indicative of its hue. The moon can appear blueish in certain atmospheric conditions where a blue tinge is imparted, but it’s more likely that a wide section of the world will see a very bright, round full moon.

Now, because of time differences and Earth’s spherical shape, the moon will be visible to everyone at different times. Make sure to check for your adjusted time-zone. In India, it will be October 31, 2020, after 8 pm. It is also possible that certain places like central Australia may never get a chance to see it because of the time difference.

Reports claim this would be the perfect chance for photographers to get their moon photos. Remember that the moon will be very bright. Just be sure to decrease the exposure so you can get the tiniest details of the moon and not just a big, shiny ball in the sky.

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