'Real Heroes': Doctor Shares Picture of Wrinkled Hand After Using PPE Suit, Netizens Show Gratitude

Twitter salutes the COVID-19 healthcare worker for his efforts.

Twitter salutes the COVID-19 healthcare worker for his efforts.

Syed Faizan Ahmad, a doctor from Delhi, tweeted a picture of his hands, all wrinkled after being covered in the PPE kit in such humid weather.

The only reason why the world has been able to brave the deadly coronavirus pandemic is because of the tireless efforts of corona warriors across the globe. While most of the people around the world were working from their homes, the doctors were continuously treating those who had contracted COVID-19.

Recently, a photo shared by a doctor has given a glimpse into a day in his life. The doctor has shared a photo of his hand after he removed the PPE kit after a long day. As can be seen, there are wrinkles on his hand that would have occurred due to extreme sweat and humidity.

Sharing the image on Twitter, Dr Syed Faizan Ahmed wrote, “My hands after doffing #PPE due to profuse sweating in an extremely humid climate. #COVID19 #Covidwarrior #Doctor".

As one would expect, most people have reacted while expressing gratitude towards the efforts made by those belonging to the medical fraternity. A person wrote, “We are extremely grateful for the efforts and relentless (unceasingly intense, persistent) services of all the doctors, nurses, ward boys, cleaning staff, all medical professionals. Take care of yourselves too :)”

Another one said, “There are no words which can be expressed to show our gratitude to the services rendered by doctors and nursing staff. We pray that you all be safe and healthy and may God bless you and all of them. Our prayers”.

Take a look at some of the other reactions:

In the subsequent tweets, netizens were full of respect for the healthcare worker and many took to Twitter to express the same.

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