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Real-Life Bandersnatch? This Woman Will Pay 1.83 Lakh for Someone to Make All Her Decisions in Life

Real-Life Bandersnatch? This Woman Will Pay 1.83 Lakh for Someone to Make All Her Decisions in Life

If you thought you've ever made bad decisions, this woman is offering 1.83 lakhs to anyone who can help to stop making those decisions for her.

We've all made bad decisions in our lives, but have you ever made so many that you feel that you shouldn't perhaps be trusted with your own life?

A woman from UK seems to be thinking along similar lines. And she's looking to hire someone who will make her life decisions for her. Very Black Mirror: Bandersnatch? It is.

The woman posted an ad on Bark.com, which is a service that helps people find local service professionals and get free quotes. Taking to the platform, the woman placed a "request for a clairvoyant" to make decisions for her.

In the post she writes what led her to the decision.

"I’ve had a really rubbish yea, and would love for someone to take control of my life. I have no idea if this sort of thing exists, but came across clairvoyants when I was looking for another service, so thought it was worth a shot.

As I said, the past year has been awful. I lost money that I loaned to an old friend, I got stranded without any money while backpacking in New Zealand, was in an abusive relationship for 6 months before I got dumped and then I got mugged because I decided to take a shortcut home through a dodgy area. I am obviously completely incapable of making the right choices by myself!

My mum even jokes about it. It seems like every week some minor mishap will happen to me and I’m fed up." her detailed post on the website says.

Furthermore, she adds how she wants the service for just a month to start with.

"I think a month should be long enough to get things back on track for me. But if it works, then maybe I’ll keep on going with it.

The type of decisions I’d need help with include who I should go on a Tinder date with (I seem to have terrible taste in men) and what I should spend my savings on, amongst other things. Basically, I’d like the person to be on-call so they can help me whenever and with whatever I need. I text a lot so they should be available to message me frequently and very quick to respond."

The amount offered for providing this unique service is £2,000 pounds, or 1.83 lakhs in rupees.

Bark's co-founder, Kai Feller said that “Despite the fact it’s a bit of a strange idea, with the pressures of modern life I’m surprised that a request like this hasn’t come in sooner. We’re now bombarded with countless decisions and choices and sometimes people don’t always make the best ones.

“It’s a bit extreme to hire someone to make those decisions for you, but I guess people hire financial advisors and trust banks to manage their money, so why not hire someone to manage your life?” she added.

So, if you can predict the future with your mind or are generally good at making decisions, you could potentially try getting in touch with the woman and maybe make 1.83 lakhs.

However, unlike Bandersnatch, you will have to make good decisions for her and make sure her life doesn't crash and burn like Stefan's did.

So, the question is: Accept or Refuse?