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Reddit Bands Together to Reunite Travel Journal with Its Creator After 20 Years

Reddit Bands Together to Reunite Travel Journal with Its Creator After 20 Years

The journal was found lying in a closet in an apartment in Melbourne and had travelogues written between 1999 and 2000.

The Internet has lately been bringing people together. From lost pets to long lost school friends, the world of web has helped a lot of us to reconnect to people. In one such instance, an incredible feat has been achieved by Redditors with a string of communications between people across time-zones to return a lost object to its rightful owner.

In a tale as enchanting as the lost glass slipper being returned to Cinderella, Redditors banded together to return a lost travel journal to its creator.

It all started when David Ryan shifted to a rented apartment in Yarraville, a suburb of Melbourne. Going through the closets in the flat, he came across a notebook. In his Reddit post, he explained that it was simply sitting there on the top shelf of a closet, evidently forgotten there by the former owner. The notebook was a travel journal and was written during 1999 to 2000. As the flat is in Melbourne, he turned to the subreddit Australia to share his find to help reunite the journal with its writer. "I bet the author would love to relive these memories," he wrote in the caption as he pleaded the community to help him with the search. The owner's name was Nick, but no last name was mentioned.

He posted the first two pages of the journal. There was a cheeky caption on one page to not read the journal and stay away. But the Redditors had to peruse in order to know more. As they began to read, some of the community members realised a few names mentioned in the passages of the journal. According to, the contents suggested a journey through Southeast Asia. Then a few others noted a couple of names that appeared frequently and belonged to members of a less-known band called Ziko. The community suggested it belong to one of the band members.

The band was difficult to contact but with help of the internet, David managed to get in touch with a name that appeared very frequently in the journal, Kris Baudry. He was a member of the Auckland-based band and the only person mentioned with a full name. Baudry confirmed that there was a man named Nick Boyle in their band.

David began his manhunt, getting in touch with all NZ based Nick Boyles (there were many). He eventually found the email address of the real Nick Boyle and coordinated to have the diary parcelled to him.

Nick, who lives in South Australia now, emailed Ryan to thank him. He was also amused by the new-found popularity of his 20-year-old journal on the internet.