Rescue Video of Poor Doggo Stuck Between Two Concrete Pillars Brings a Loud Cheer on the Internet

Screenshot from video uploaded by San Diego Police Department on Facebook.

Screenshot from video uploaded by San Diego Police Department on Facebook.

The crowd at the spot erupted in loud cheer after the dog's neck was freed from between the two pillars.

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A video that has taken the internet by storm is winning hearts of netizens after the San Diego Police rescued a dog that got its head stuck between two pillars.

In the 23-second-long video clip that has been shared by the Police Department on their Facebook page, it can be seen two officials making attempts to rescue the pooch, who had its head wedged between two concrete pillars. The attempt was successful and the dog was freed from what seemed to be a painful period of time that it spent between the pillars.

The video, which has been viewed around 5.5 thousand times said, “Balboa Park attracts visitors of all kinds, including our furry friend who was checking out the Lily Pond and got his head stuck. Fortunately, our partners from @SDFD were able to help get him freed — to a cheering crowd”.

While most of the comments on the video were that of praises for the San Diego Police team, a user seemed to be curious about how the dog got suck. Replying to the curious commentator, the team said, “He was curious. The angle of his head and probably a little panic confused him of how to get out”.

The apparent dog owner, named Amber Romero, also commented on the post.

“Thank you SDFD and SDPD! We are so grateful for all you do and for you guys coming and helping us out! Kobe just wanted to look at the fish and got more than what he bargained for! He is doing great, thank you again!” the comment read.

The other comments, which were in praise of the Police’s effort reads, “Thank you for saving him!!,” “incredible,” “Great Job” among others.

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