Reunited After Months of Separation, Elderly Couple is Setting Relationship Goals for Millennials

Screengrab of the video.

Screengrab of the video.

The couple is married for 7 years now and were separated after the husband was hospitalised for a pelvic injury last year.

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A heartwarming video of a nonagenarian couple reuniting after months of separation brought about by the outbreak of novel coronavirus has made its way to the internet.

Shared on Twitter, the incident took place in New York. The short clip shows the Walter Willard fondly kissing his wife Jean Willard.

Walter and Jean have been married for 70 years. However, last year Walter suffered a pelvis injury and had to be admitted to a hospital. Later on, Jean developed signs of dementia, reported CBS 6 quoting the couple’s daughter Wendy Willard and Wanda Glenn.

Watch the adorable video:

The report added that the nursing home was nearby the couple’s house. Walter used to regularly visit his wife in the hospital. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic forced the hospital to disallow people coming from the outside so as to prevent the spread of the virus.

Then the report goes on to say that in the midst of the novel coronavirus Walter fell and suffered brain injuries. His daughters got their father treated and he had to be admitted to a rehabilitation facility. But, soon his daughter thought her father needed an out of the box treatment. She wrote a letter to the staff of her mother’s hospital staff, asking them to allow Walter to meet Jean.

“I told him what we were afraid of, we’re afraid we’re going to lose one of them and they’re never going to have seen each other again, and I asked 'is there anything you can do? We’re willing to take the risk, my dad is willing to take the risk.” Wendy said.

The hospital management had a change of heart and they allowed the couple to see each other.

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