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Revealed: Comedy Central's Nathan Fielder is the owner of 'Dumb' Starbucks


Last Updated: February 11, 2014, 13:08 IST

Revealed: Comedy Central's Nathan Fielder is the owner of 'Dumb' Starbucks

TV Comedy personality Nathan Fielder is the owner of the newly-launched 'Dumb' Starbucks.

'Dumb' Starbucks, a coffee shop that opened in a Los Angeles neighbourhood recently, has created quite the buzz. Does it have anything to do with Starbucks? Who is the owner? Is it a spoof coffee shop mocking Starbucks? And so on...people have so many questions ever since the coffee shop opened in their neighbourhood.

Finally, there is some clarity. Canadian television comedy personality Nathan Fielder has come out in the open to announce that he is the owner of 'Dumb' Starbucks. Fielder showed up outside the coffee shop to make the announcement in person. He also revealed that he plans to open another store in Brooklyn, New York. When asked if he is worried about Starbucks sewing him, he casually said that Starbucks is a big company and knows better than that as they don't stand to win a suit against 'Dumb' Starbucks that functions under the parody law. He added that they are technically allowed to mock Starbucks by prefixing the word dumb to their coffee shop's name. He further clarified that 'Dumb' Starbucks doesn't need a health permit to serve coffee as it is essentially "an art gallery".

Fielder is best known for his work on US television network Comedy Central. Watch the announcement video here and you can also enjoy a sneak peek into the world of 'Dumb' Starbucks in the pictures below.


People line up inside Dumb Starbucks, a parody store of the Starbucks Coffee chain, in Los Angeles.

One of the customers enjoys a a cup of coffee at Dumb Starbucks.

People queue up outside the coffee shop.

The recently opened coffee shop has created quite the buzz and people are more than eager to try their beverages.

Dumb Starbucks opened its doors in Los Angeles on Friday, bringing in a crowd and many questions.

One of the many customers holds a cup of coffee at Dumb Starbucks.

The logo on the shop, claiming to be a parody coffee shop mocking Starbucks, looks nearly the same as the real Starbucks.

Cups stand on display cases.

A menu board is pictured at the buzzing coffee shop.

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